A great jacket for the Swiss Alps!

Having struggled to find a waterproof and breathable jacket in advance of a hiking holiday to the Swiss Alps, I was pleased and relieved when I came across the Mother&Nature website. I received a quick and efficient service and was delighted with the quality, colour and clever design of the jacket that arrived in the post. The side zips and internal poppers allow you to alter the size of the jacket to fit around your growing bump, whilst the drawstring at the bottom keeps you nice and cosy! I put the jacket through its paces whilst on holiday as I got caught at the top of a mountain in torrential rain and thunder and lightning. I got soaked through to the skin literally everywhere except for my top half which was covered up by the jacket. I did not expect the jacket to be able to withstand these extreme conditions (which many of the well-known hiking brands would have struggled with) but it was absolutely brilliant. I cannot recommend this jacket enough and it’s lovely to be able to support a UK company who have designed such a great product. The added benefit of the design is that I can continue to wear my jacket post-birth as I can gradually alter the size as I return to my pre-pregnancy figure. My only regret is not buying this jacket sooner!

Stylish Trousers for a Professional Dog Trainer

I have been pleasantly surprised with how much I like the out door trousers that I have just purchased. I'm always a little hesitant about buying clothing of the Internet however I have been extremely pleased with the comfort and fit of the trousers. I work out doors as a professional dog trainer in all weather and found them to be just what I need. They are well worth the money! Quality product, stylish and well fitting with lots of room for growth!!

Great jacket for The Netherlands

I've had such a difficult time finding simple and practical maternity clothes. Everything also seems to be black, grey, or navy blue. I was thrilled (and that's no exaggeration) to finally find Mother and Nature's beautiful green waterproof jacket. It's exactly what I was looking for. I'm 33 weeks pregnant and stopped being able to zip up my winter coat weeks ago but I live in the Netherlands and still need a warm coat for a couple of months yet. I received wonderful customer service when I was inquiring about sizes and an exchange. Now that I have the right size, I'm thrilled with Mother and Nature's gorgeous, well made coat. Thank you so so much! It's lovely to wear something that fits and is beautiful. 

Jennifer, The Netherlands

Fantastic Jacket!

This maternity jacket is the best maternity item I bought for pregnancy, and I still wear it now and my son has just turned 1! Its the most well thought out product for pregnancy and afterwards. Its amazing quality, a beautiful fit, and I feel really chic in it, especially when compared with other coats on the market, maternity or not!

Kayley, Lancashire

Ideal fleece....

Lovely fleece, great idea to have the zips for an ever expanding tummy but also great to wear afterwards too. Very comfy & surprisingly warm too.......

Catherine Barton

Hill Walker Review

I was keen to carry on hill walking for as long as I could whilst pregnant. The jacket and fleece were invaluable whilst tackling Ullscarf in the wind and rain at 6 months pregnant!
The jacket has all the features of a jacket twice the price like gear pockets and an adjustable hood but the best thing about it are the side zips.
I also had the fleece. I wasn't sure about spending money on a fleece but I wore it all the time I was pregnant and months afterwards. The zips are so clever.
Also love the fact the clothes are British made . You can see the quality.

You can follow Victoria's adventures here... Vicki Goes Walking on Instagram

Great Maternity Walking Trousers

Finally got round to sending some pics, our baby girl is now 10 weeks old 🙂
When I became pregnant and my bump started to show, I was surprised by the lack of outdoor clothes for expecting mothers. After thoroughly searching the internet I finally found Mother&Nature. The walking trousers have been super useful throughout the pregnancy, thanks to the expandable side patches, and also came in handy during the first few months after delivery before I could get into my old clothes. The material is really durable and overall I think these trousers are good value for money.  I was very happy with both size and model of the trousers.  Thank you so much for the great service you provided. I found the trousers really useful and will certainly recommend them to my friends.
Merry Christmas,
Jenny, Sweden

Great Jacket for Baby Wearing

I am so pleased with my Mother and Nature jacket. I wasn't sure about buying a jacket for pregnancy because we were watching our funds, but I really needed a waterproof to cover my bump in my outdoor life, including daily dog walks! Despite having a summer baby, I wore it all the time. It works both for outdoors stuff and also for trips to town etc in inclement weather as it looks very smart on. The fit was fantastic while I was pregnant with the zips fully open at my biggest. And I still wear it all the time now since having my daughter as the sides neatly zip down and it's a great waterproof. I don't know if the jacket was made for baby carriers, but I can also close the jacket over my baby now at 3 months in her carrier, so just her head and shoulders are popping out of the top, which is fantastic when we're out with the dog in colder weather. And it's a lot less expensive than jackets designed to be worn with baby carriers! Thanks so much Mother and Nature, your jacket has been (and continues to be) wonderful!

Nicola, Chorley

Great jacket, great service!

I ordered the waterproof jacket after seeing the Black Friday offer whilst flicking through Facebook, I had never heard of this brand before so didn’t know what quality to expect. At 23 weeks pregnant, not being able to zip up my usual coats plus with the weather getting colder & wetter, I desperately needed a jacket that was waterproof & would grow with my bump. I had spent hours on the internet trying to find a jacket that would tick all my boxes but they were either not waterproof or practical & I couldn’t wear them after baby, which meant I would’ve been paying £80+ for a coat I would only get a few months out of.
I took the plunge and ordered the jacket, I messaged them also just to find out how long delivery takes because I wanted it in time for my trip to the Berlin Christmas markets, I had a reply within 30 mins! The jacket arrived in 3 days and I couldn’t wait to try it out. I am over the moon with the jacket! It’s true to size, and I love the fact that I would be able to wear the jacket after baby too because of the added side zips. There’s plenty of space for my bump to grow and when the zips are down the jacket is back to pre pregnancy size and snug. The material is really good quality, sure to keep the rain out and the hood is a nice shape (not too big like most coats). The added velcro fastening on the cuffs are brilliant for if you prefer them tight to keep the cold out like me. Overall brilliant jacket! Even if it wasn’t in the sale I would still pay full price, it’s well worth the money and you won’t be disappointed.
I can’t wait to wear it taking baby for walks when he/she arrives as well! Thanks Mother & Nature x

Fantastic Quality Fleece

I can’t speak highly enough of the range. It was a life saver when heavily pregnant, and I’m still enjoying wearing all the clothes because of the clever expandable/retractable sizing. The fleece is such good quality; far better than other technical fleeces I own, and the same can be said of the other items, especially the waterproof jacket. I’ve had lots of compliments on all the items from your range! Thanks, Jenny x

Excellent for walking!

customer review from Ben Ben
I loved all three items - I was so pleased to find someone selling clothes I could wear for walking while pregnant! We'd planned a walking holiday and it would have been a struggle without them. The coat kept me dry in torrential rain on Snowdon and snow on Ben Nevis and has been perfect to wear just round town as well. I loved the fleece, so warm and soft. I particularly like that both the coat and fleece are long - as I am tall this is always a problem for me (both in maternity and non-maternity clothes!). The walking trousers are excellent too - I was worried about the under-bump style but I found they stayed up and were really comfortable. They were a little tight around my thighs but it didn't impact my walking / clambering up the hills and over stiles. They were warm and shower-proof (sadly not torrential rain proof but then I wouldn't recommend walking in that anyway!). I will be recommending these to every pregnant lady I know.
Harriet x

Great Gear for hitting the hills


As a fell walker and owner of a Patterdale Terrier who needs plenty of walks, one of the 1st things I searched for when I found out I was expecting was maternity walking gear and was very pleasantly surprised to find this! It's comfortable, good value for money and I have had great use out of it. I've done 19 of the Wainwright Fells and a few Yorkshire peaks including Ingleborough in this gear whilst expecting, as well as being able to continue walking Basil every day no matter what the weather. The coat can also be used for any trip out and looks good. Massive help - thank you!

Great coat for getting out with my daughter

I bought this jacket when I was 20 weeks pregnant with my second child. My 3 year old daughter loves getting out and about at the park and going for walks, so I knew I needed something that was going to be practical and weatherproof, especially living in rainy Preston!  I didn't want to spend a lot, so I was really happy when I found the Mother & Nature jacket, a bit more than I wanted to spend, but its going to be perfect for getting out with the pram and my daughter in the coming winter months!

Kat, Preston

Victoria - Outdoor Instructor


I've been wearing my two pairs alternately every day for weeks now at work.

They have withstood fire pit sessions, lots of muddy play, numerous adventures in the woods and a variety of weathers!! They are comfortable and warm and great quality.

I love the fact that I can continue to wear them after pregnancy too. I have been washing them on a machine handwash with Nik Wax Tech Wash for outdoor waterproof clothing.
Thank you!! 🙂

Fab walking maternity trousers for a professional dog walker!

I've had my Mother and Nature maternity trousers for a month now, I'm a full time dog walker and out 2/3 times a day in all conditions, the weathers been very up and down lately, on clear hot days the Mother & Nature maternity trousers have kept me cool and comfortable, on wet days I've been dry and warm. These trousers are really comfortable on my growing bump (currently 23 weeks) love how versatile they are for all weather conditions. The Velcro on the waist has plenty of give and zips on the side to let out extra room if I needed too. I won't need to invest in a bigger pair which is a bonus, Can't wait to try them in winter I don't think I'll be needing base layers under them like I do with my non maternity North Face pants (that don't fit anymore) I've had them through the wash a few times and they come out as good as new, the fabric is really good, durable quality exactly what I need! 
Jenny, Horwich


Fantastic Walking Trousers for a Walking Holiday!

My Mother and Nature trousers are perfect, they enabled me to enjoy a great hiking holiday in Switzerland. They kept the baby and I very comfortable with the below the bump waist.
I can't sing Mother and Natures praise enough, I looked everywhere for maternity walking/hiking wear and I'd have felt lost without proper attire, the trousers were exactly what I needed. The service was great and delivery swift, what a wonderful company who came up with a great idea to help us 'outdoorsy' mums to be.

Fantastic jacket for pregnancy & beyond!

From around 30 weeks pregnant I couldn't find a waterproof coat which fitted me. My bump was just too big, and none of the big names in outdoor clothing catered for me as a pregnant woman, keen to stay active all the way through pregnancy. So I was delighted to discover Mother & Nature, which meets this need brilliantly. I bought a waterproof jacket in green, which proved to be a real life-saver. The jacket is completely waterproof, breathable and stylish, in a stunning shade of green which has drawn many compliments. It fitted me throughout my pregnancy all the way up to week 41 when I gave birth, due to its extendable side panels, which can be unzipped as much as you require. Having now had my son I continue to wear my Mother & Nature waterproof coat, with the side panels fully zipped up so it fits my post pregnancy body. Mother & Nature provides an excellent, friendly and personal service, satisfying an active pregnant woman's desire to get out for walks just as she did before becoming pregnant, in so doing helping mother and child stay as fit and healthy as possible. I couldn't recommend the Mother & Nature and its clothing highly enough.
Jenny, Hull

Jacket fit for a Vet!

I loved wearing both the coat and fleece throughout my pregnancy, it was very exciting the day I had to unzip the sides as my stomach had grown so much! It meant I was able to get out and about with my dog, and working as a vet, and not feel like I was wearing a tent to keep warm. Estela, Wiltshire

Walking Trousers

These walking trousers were great for getting out with the dog while pregnant, now I've had my baby they're even better while trying to lose baby weight and taking out my new beautiful baby boy Thomas in the pram while walking the dog! Thanks for the great service Sam 🙂

Jo - Not a Frumpy Mum

The Mother & Nature maternity waterproof jacket and maternity fleece have been reviewed by Blogger, writer, parent, teacher, mother and mother-to-be and owner of 2 dogs, Jo - Not a Frumpy Mum!

As  with many of the Mother & Nature customers, they're not buying the range to hike up mountains (although some are) they're pregnant women, who may already have a children, plus a dog or two, so getting outside is not an option, its a must.  The weather these last few months hasn't been great either, so the need to get wrapped up and protected from the elements for yourself and bump is even more important.   The Mother & Nature waterproof jacket is completely waterproof, with breathable material and a mesh lining, so you don't overheat, and the fleece is made from microfibre fleece material, so it also offers warmth as well as making sure you don't to get too hot, with the zip option at the front.

The whole range has expandable panels on the side so that the clothes can grow with your bump, then once baby is born you can zip the panels back down, and carry on wearing the items.  That makes this range of maternity wear the most cost effective you'll every buy!


Trail Magazine

Trail magazine reviewed the Mother & Nature waterproof jacket and loved it! "This coat is ace because it grows with you, so you can invest at the start of your pregnancy, and still be wearing it waddling up the hills 9 months later

Digital Outdoor Review

The great thing about this range is that it will grow with you. It still looks flattering on a post-pregnancy body (I had a friend try!), and that's a real bonus considering you don't want to spend out a lot of money on something to last you only a few months.

The jacket is a big step forward in a market with no alternatives. It'd make a great addition to any mother-to-be's wardrobe and, unlike all your other maternity clothes, it won't need to be thrown out after 9 months.

Read the full review - http://www.campinginsider.co.uk/reviews/clothing/mother--nature-waterproof-jacket

Happy dog walking customer!

My coat is perfect for walking the dog - the weather is awful at the minute and bump and I stay dry! My coat is also perfect for working at a school where I spend a lot of time outside rain or no rain. It's grown as my bump has grown and now at 35 weeks I need as much space as I can get! I'm so happy to have a coat that is as durable as this one, it not only provides the much needed space but will also slims down to fit after baby arrives perfect for pram and (more) dog walks.

I bought a waterproof jacket at the Baby Show...

I bought a waterproof jacket at the Baby Show in London, and so glad I did, or rather my dog is! I am now able to get on some decent walks at the weekend, dry and comfortably!

Thanks, Adele x

I recently purchased a waterproof jacket...

I recently purchased a waterproof jacket and walking trousers and can honestly say that I have never been more comfortable in recent weeks. With this horrendous winter weather that has hit us, it looks like I got there just in time!  Thanks Sam 😉

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