About Us - Mother & Nature
Founder - Samantha Jenkins and Harry

Mother and Nature is the UK’s first range of Outdoor Maternity Wear which can be worn during & after pregnancy. It’s the only maternity wear that’s designed with the active outdoors mum-to-be in mind, so you can carry on enjoying the activities you did pre-pregnancy, in comfort & style. The range provides protection for you and your bump from the elements, plus as your bump grows, our range grows with you. It’s designed to give you the freedom to alter as you grow, then when your baby is born, simply readjust the clothing back to its original size, so you can carry on wearing them!

Our Ethos

Mother & Nature was born from my desire to carry on enjoying the great outdoors whilst pregnant.  What better way to spend a weekend than walking in the Lake District. Immersing myself in some beautiful scenery, and taking my baby bump on adventures and hiking in the mountains.

These trips soon became difficult for me as the weather turned and winter approached.  My jacket and walking trousers no longer fitted.  I tried to make adjustments, which just left space for a cold breeze, or additional layers. So this soon became restrictive, or just too warm for walking.

Suitable Maternity Wear

I could not find any suitable maternity wear, I couldn’t believe I was the only one, and it seemed I wasn’t.  There was a range of forums with women asking the same questions, where can I buy a decent maternity waterproof jacket or hiking trousers?

I had the lightbulb moment and decided this was something I had to do.  Mother & Nature was born, my mission, was, has been, and will continue to be, to produce a range of functional, comfortable and suitable outdoor maternity clothes. Something to allow women to carry on enjoying those activities they did prior to pregnancy. Whether walking in the Lake District, a weekend camping, walking the dog in the park, or simply taking the children to school when it’s wet and horrible.

It is important to have appropriate clothes to continue to enjoy this wonderful time in your life, and finally be able to do it as comfortably as possible! Remember we ship worldwide including USA.